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By way of introduction, my name is Link Yeager. I am a Quality Specialist and Lead Auditor, with 20 years experience in the quality management world. I have always been a full supporter of the ISO Series and other related quality standards and strongly encourage your company to obtain certification to the appropriate standards, if you wish to gain and maintain a competitive edge in a world market.

I launched Q-Assist, LLC with the goal of working with clients who truly want to put quality first in all they do and that understand the investment and commitment needed and the results it will bring. My company is about understanding your company's needs and the needs of your customers. Together, we can set in motion the cultural and environmental changes necessary to gain and maintain world class quality in all you do and for whom you do it.

It all starts by connecting with the right people, and if you're reading this, then you've already accomplished that. Now take the next step and call us. Let our team help yours succeed in building and maintaining the best possible quality system for your company.                                 

Call us today: 417-499-1575 or email us for a free quote and learn more about why teaming up with Q-Assist makes "Quality Happen."


Q-Assist LLC - ISO/QMS Auditing, Consulting, Training & Administrative Services - Where "Quality Happens"